A Woman’s Story: Raquel Batista, New York City Council Candidate, On Running For Office While Pregnant

Nice to know life goes on for us breeders. Atta girl Raquel Batista: pregnant political candidate.



Can you be pregnant and run for public office at the same time? Of course you can. But people will undoubtedly comment on it.

Raquel Batista, who is running to represent the Bronx in the New York City Council, was pregnant with daughter Carmen for most of her campaign. According to Batista, constituents constantly commented on her pregnancy and asked how she planned to juggle the position with a newborn.

When Sally Kohn interviewed Batista for The Daily Beast on August 22, she wrote: “What’s noteworthy is that Batista’s pregnancy was never seen as a positive — a sign that if she would fight this hard to get into office while pregnant, imagine how hard she would fight for her constituents while in office.”

This week, Batista spoke to Erin Matson at RH Reality Check about her experiences and the message she hopes to send to women watching her…

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