My SleepWalking List

Sometimes we have to go for a “sleepwalk.” Joey boycotted his normal nap time so in an effort to save our family-dinner planned for later, he got duped into a mid-afternoon siesta. The walk is good for me too. I’m forced to clear my head of unwanted thoughts and refill it with things that make me happy, smarter and more whole. Epiphanies like these come to me:

Old Cars Are Unsexy Like Old Men


Photo by

If you’re driving a Model-T-era car it’s impossible to look hot. Whether your a guy or a girl, you’re just not sexy. Your car is equally as unsexy.

Musings in the Cliche


It took me one mile and a fence-climbing morning glory to finally kick my writer’s block. I stopped to take this cliche photo (was going to use the hashtag #clichephoto when posting to social media) and I finally let my brain relax enough to work.

Room to Grow

I really need to let up on myself. I’m admits some big life changes right now and I can’t expect to have it all figured out just yet. I need room to grow. It’s ok not to be perfect. I can stop second-guessing everything. Wait, should I?

Shut Up, He’s Trying To Sleep

I hate you motorcycles.
I hate you barking dogs.
I hate you creepy guy in pick-up truck who beeps the horn.


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