Joey IV and me; photo by Jess Smith.

I am a new mother, a devoted wife and a dedicated journalist* (in that order). With our two pugs and one cat, we live along the coast of New England in Branford, Conn., where we enjoy four seasons and the allure of Long Island Sound with calm shores – no waves or soft sand to be found here.

This blog is about me, our new baby Joey IV and my husband Joe. This blog is my place to share how I observe and react to the world inside and around me. Right now I envision my observations to be mostly about our new lump of love, my exploration into motherhood and how I handle balancing being a wife/mother and a full-time employee.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say and feel comfortable enough to tell me when you don’t. I love comments and hope you will post them frequently.

Thanks for reading. I am glad you’re here.

Want more of me?

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*The definition of my occupation changes every day as technology morphs my career’s boundaries.


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