Happy Anniversary Irene

Two years ago today, we awoke in our beachside neighborhood of Indian Neck, Branford, just in time to watch Long Island Sound flood past our doors.

A neighborhood filled with some of the most unique, passionate and generous people I have ever known was shaken to its core. A year later, Sandy uprooted their lives again.

This day marks the day we lost our tiny rental beach cottage; the day our first son Joseph began his life journey; the day we grew as a family from one chapter to the next; the day I personally realized how dangerous and detrimental our world is to the environment; the day I met Mother Nature in all her glory.

"But we don't have a waterfront cottage."

“But we don’t have a waterfront cottage.”

The video says what we experienced best.

Thanks to my husband Joe for sticking by me while I covered this epic moment for Branford Patch. Without him we would have lost our brand new car and, well, pretty much everything we owned.

Hello Irene.

Hello Irene.

Glad I am dry as I am looking back on this day.

"But we don't have a dock."

“But we don’t have a dock.”